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A sample of recent BEERG publications, newsletters and briefings

Podcast: BEERG’s Tom Hayes joins Auret van Heerden, Rick Warters on Alan Wild’s Podcast talk about employee relations and doing business during Coronavirus pandemic:

Something’s gotta give – lessons for negotiators from Sinatra vs Hawke in 1974: 

BEERG Newsetter from February 2020: No 6 2020

BEERG Newsletter from Nov 2019: No 35 2019

BEERG Briefing: Understanding-Information-and-Consultation-in-the-2009-Directive

BEERG Briefing: Politics-Social-Media-“Apptivism”-and-“Labor-Relations

BEERG Training Brochure: Oct-2019-Sitges-Training-Program

BEERG Brexit Blog: LINK