• About Beerg

    Founded in 2002, BEERG - the Brussels European Employee Relations Group - provides a forum for European employee relations specialists to discuss issues of mutual concern. We have over 60 major TNCs in membership. We host three member meetings per year (two in Brussels, one in Barcelona) plus regular ad hoc meetings in locations across Europe.

  • BEERG Mission

    BEERG membership is drawn predominantly from companies with a European-wide footprint. We work with members to help them negotiate their relationships with trade unions and works councils within Europe and also on other challenging aspects of the employee relations agenda.


    AMEERG - the Africa Middle East Employee Relations Group – is an integral part of BEERG. It provides a secure and expert network within which participants can learn about labour relations and employment law developments across Africa and the Middle-East and discuss how best to handle issues based on their own experiences.

What we do

  • Consulting

    BBEERG provides expert consultancy and training services to member companies on all aspects of EWC management: negotiating EWC agreements, planning EWC meetings, and handling “exceptional circumstances”.


    We also provide consultancy on national level information and consultation arrangements; managing restructuring and collective dismissals across Europe and the employee relations dimensions of the transfers of undertaking, outsourcing and mergers and acquisitions.

  • Publications

    BEERG publishes a range of regular and occasional digital materials which are circulated via email. BEERG members receive our weekly Global Labor Newsletter which highlights important employee relations developments across Europe and the wider world.


    We also produce a European Labour Law Briefing which features analytic articles by national experts on important Labour Law changes across Europe. Members also receive our recently launched series of occasional papers: BEERG Perspectives and BEERG Alerts.

  • Training

    Twice a year we run our flagship training program Managing Employee Relations in Europe. These three-day programs are held just outside Barcelona, Spain. Over 250 senior executives from over 100 multinational companies have participated in this program.


    The programs are designed to allow time for one-on-one discussions about issues in individual companies and The number of places limited to allow for dialogue and interaction between those attending and our experienced program team.